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WASHINGTON — The White House on Monday urged all older  Americans to stay home and everyone to avoid crowds and eating out at  restaurants as part of sweeping guidelines meant to combat an expected  surge of coronavirus cases.

President Donald Trump and the coronavirus task force  released the guidelines as the U.S. government moved to try to blunt the  impact of the virus, racing to bolster testing and aid even as  financial markets fell and Americans scrambled to reorder their lives.

Among the new recommendations: Over the next 15 days,  Americans should not gather in groups of more than 10 people, schooling  should be at home and discretionary travel and social visits should be  avoided. If anyone in a household tests positive for the virus, everyone  who lives there should stay home.


Fencing Institute of Texas is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of our fencers and fencer families. We are monitoring recommendations daily, and in direct contact with public health authorities and medical providers. We have reviewed recent medical recommendations and are implementing strict training schedules and club rules. We apologize for those who are negatively impacted by our decisions; however, our FIT family is our foremost concern.

When the Club reopens, the following restrictions will be implemented

  • We will not take any new students until the CDC suggests larger groups may begin meeting. As of 03/16/20, this appears to be the end of May. 
  • No visitor fencers will be allowed to participate in our club activities until the ban is lifted. This also means we will not hold our free Introductory Class on Friday evenings.
  • Persons not already fencers or family members at FIT will not be allowed inside our facility. If you are seeking information, please email: info@fenceintexas.org or complete the form on our "Contact" page. This will be better than calling the club as we are limiting our office staff time in the facility.
  • All persons inside the club should maintain a 5-6 foot radius around them as all times. The virus is transmitted through fluid droplets; however, these are heavy enough to fall out of the air (and a person's breathing space) within the 6 foot radius. Infighting is strictly discouraged.
  • PARENTS AND OTHERS WHO ARE NOT FENCERS OR COACHES MUST STAY OFF THE FENCING FLOOR. Everyone at the club is responsible for enforcing this rule. Parents waiting for their fencer should sit in the waiting area with a minimum of 6 feet between them and other parents.
  • No one shall stand on the fencing floor between strips. If you are waiting to fence or participate in an exercise, you should remain seated on the benches or floor while maintaining the personal boundary of 6 feet radius.  This means NO  REFEREEING DURING BOUTS.
  • Students shall not sit in close groups to watch videos, or to stand close together in lines. We have enough space for students to spread out and maintain the 6 feet between them.
  • Students should not congregate in the restrooms or in the lounge area. Fencers are not allowed to sit in the lounge area.
  • Students must be picked up immediately. Parents should ensure they know the end time for training.
  • Anyone who feels unwell should not come to practice. If a student complains of any symptoms, they will be sent home immediately. No infants or adults over 60 should be at the club during this time.
  • Parents, do not bring children who are not participating in a training session or lesson to the club. Fencer's siblings will be required to remain outside of the facility. Only one parent will be allowed inside the facility at any time.
  • Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer is placed throughout the facility.  Students should wipe down their personal equipment before putting into their lockers. All fencers using           club equipment should wipe masks out before and after use, as well as the hard surfaces of weapons. This should be followed by their use of hand sanitizer. (Hand sanitizer is           only effective if it is allowed to DRY!)
  • Students should bring their own water bottle. Remind your student not to share containers, eat or drink after someone, or share utensils that have not been properly washed.
  • Encourage your children and family member to constantly wash their hands with soap and water, and to not touch their face (eyes, nose or mouth).
  • Parents using tables and chairs should wipe these down with disinfectant wipes just before they leave. Remember, you may be asymptomatic and transmit the virus to others.

Interim Training Schedule

  Monday and Wednesday 

  • FOIL Group 5-8 PM
  • Wednesday only - Adult Fitness 7-8 PM 
  • · Wednesday only Victorian Fencing 8-9 PM 

Tuesday and Thursday

  • SABRE and EPEE Groups 5-8 PM 
  • Tuesday only 5-6 PM
  • Intermediate 6-7 PM 
  • Adult Fitness 7-8 PM 


  • PRIVATE LESSONS ONLY 5 - 9 PM all weapons


  • Beginner classes 9-1030 am and 1030 am -12 pm 
  • Sabre Group 9-11 AM in large room
  • Foil Group 11-2:30 PM in large room
  • Epee Group 1 - 3 PM in large room
  • Adult class 12-2 PM in small room


  • Parafencing 3-6 PM
  • Veteran fencing (40 +) 3-6 PM

Olympic and Paralympic Sports Club

Epee, Foil, Saber and Wheelchair

Whether you’re returning to fencing or brand new to the sport, Fencing Institute of Texas (FIT) has a program for you. From youth to senior, from recreational to über-competitive, FIT has something for everyone of every age. FIT is more than just a fencing club or sports club offering fencing instruction, it is a family and home away from home where everyone is welcome!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality instruction in fencing and life skills that prepare our athletes to be effective contributors to their communities, schools and professional lives.

Our Vision is…

  • To provide quality coaching and instruction in fencing for recreational and competitive fencers, and to help those striving for Olympic and Paralympic teams, regardless of gender, disability, age and ability level, and ethnic, cultural and socio-economic background.
  • To support the grassroots goals of USA Fencing in Dallas/Fort Worth by actively developing and offering fencing-related community outreach, scholarship and educational programs.






Recreational and beginning level fencers who may compete at local and Regional events.





Team members  compete at local, Regional, National, International and Olympic/Paralympic tournaments.





Also called Wheelchair Fencing, this group is both recreational and competitive team fencers. You do not have to be restricted to a wheelchair to participate.


Victorian Fencing



Day time programs for students enrolled in home school programs.

Victorian Fencing

Victorian Fencing

Victorian Fencing


 This group is dedicated to remembering historical fencing techniques from the Victorian age. 


Victorian Fencing

Victorian Fencing


Summer Day Camps, Summer Competitive Camps, and Seminars may be found here.

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