Fencing Institute of Texas

Free Introductory class


Class day and time

The class meets Friday nights from 7-8 PM.  You may register on Setmore.com by using the "Book Class" button below.

What to bring and wear and other requirements.

Participants must be at least 6 years old. Participants should wear tennis shoes and exercise clothing such as long pants without pockets, and a t-shirt. FIT will supply the protective clothing and equipment required to participate.  Please bring a water bottle.

What to expect from this class

This class is designed to give an overview of basic fencing movements. Students are generally exposed to only one weapon during this class. This may be foil, epee or sabre depending on the instructor.  Students will usually be put through a series of fencing related exercises and taught how to move on the fencing strip. The last portion of the class will allow the students to participate in a fencing bout with another attendee. or the instructor

What to expect after this class

The beginning level classes are a bit more in depth than the introductory class. Students will perform more drills, footwork, and other activities to prepare for fencing, and do less bouting with an opponent.  

The next step is generally one of our beginner fencer programs. Youth fencers under 8 years old are in our Musketeer program that is specially designed for their developing muscles. Children over 8 years old are usually put into our Beginner I class which meets once per week. Older teens and adults are usually assigned to our Adult Beginner I classes. These beginner group classes are designed to expose the fencers to all three weapons.  However, some students know early which weapon they would like to fence and may select the beginner program for that weapon.  

Private lessons are not required for beginner students; however, private lessons will help the student progress faster. Private lessons may be added at anytime and scheduled through Setmore.

Upon recommendation of the coaching staff, students graduate to the Intermediate Program or the Competitive Team, depending on commitment and skills.