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Description of Program and Basis for Grade

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Texas Administrative Code Section 75.151(c)(6)(D) and 75.152(b)(7)(C) authorizes the awarding of physical education credit for students participating in appropriate private or commercially sponsored physical activity programs. House Bill 72 and Subsequent Legislation: Comprehensive References and Explanations states that, “such off campus activity programs are basically those Olympic events where students spend significant amounts of time in training.”


FIT is a school of Olympic sport fencing with instructors who are accredited through the American Education system with the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, and a Masters of Fencing with emphasis in Sports Psychology and Sports Medicine. If your school needs a copy of this accreditation, contact the General Manager.


To be considered for the Off-Campus PE program at FIT, a student must be accepted for the Competitive Team. That is, you must have your own equipment and be enrolled in a High Performance (Group or Package) or Masters program.


Students are required to sign in and out on a in the Off-Campus PE attendance record, and have this verified by a FIT staff member, on a daily basis. If a student fails to sign in on a day, no credit will be given for that attendance. A copy of this attendance record will be submitted to your school along with the required grade sheet.


Typically, your school will require at least 15 hours of participation per week in supervised training. You are expected to be at practice a minimum of four days Monday through Friday from 5:30-8:30 PM and on Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM (attendance at fencing tournaments are credited for the actual time the student spends in lessons and competition). You are expected to arrive on time, warm-up and stretch appropriately, and be ready to go at the appointed class time. You are expected to be ready at strip side for your private lesson time at least 5 minutes before the lesson is to begin. Failure to do any of these will result in a lower grade and may result in expulsion from the program.


You are required to attend at least one tournament during the grading period designated by your Instructor so that a full assessment of your progress may be made (many tournaments are held in south Texas and will require travel; you should have ample opportunity to participate in local tournaments by planning ahead). You are required to compete in the North Texas Division Junior Olympic Qualifier (December) and Summer National Championship Qualifier (April). Masters Program students must attend at least one North American Cup for their age group during the fencing season. Select students may compete at the Cadet and Junior World Cup level by invitation of the United States Fencing Association (you must be on the National Points List).


There is a final exam semester requirement(students on trimesters will have this adjusted accordingly) that will count for 25% of your grade . You must complete one of the following per semester:

      • Increase your USFA rating by one level (or renewal of “A” or “B” rating);

      • Finish in top 64 at a National tournament (NAC, JO’s or National Championships);

      • Finish in top 16 at a Division, Section, or Regional tournament;

      • Increase your Referee (Director’s) rating;

      • Complete a typewritten 2-3 page term paper on a topic related to fencing: fencing skills, sports medicine, sports psychology, nutrition, refereeing, or other topic related to fencing.

      • Semester finals are due one week before the end of the grading period.


Grades will be based on the following:

1. Sportsmanship and Strip Etiquette: Your conduct on strip is governed by the Referee (Director). Anyone receiving a black card during a fencing tournament will automatically receive a failing grade.

2. Competition and Sport Participation: Emotional and psychological development as it pertains to self-control, poise, intensity, self-discipline, integrity, etc.. Your ability to maintain your composure during moments of extreme stress will be continuously challenged during tournaments. Again, anyone receiving a black card during a tournament will automatically receive a failing grade.

3. Fencing Skills: Your instructor will measure your progress for footwork, blade work, parries, attacks, and other skills. You are required to grasp a set of fundamental skills and continuously improve these movements while learning new skills. You are required to participate in group and private lessons with constant observation, correction, instruction and evaluation. You are required to apply the skills learned in group and private lessons during fencing sessions.

4. Tactics and Strategy: Fencing is as much, or more, of a mental sport as it is physical. You are required to analyze your opponent’s tactics and strategy and in a split second adjust your own tactics. You are placed in different “test environments” during practice to develop critical thinking skills necessary.

5. Physical Fitness: You are expected to learn the importance of hydration, nutrition, and sleep to the development of the overall athlete. Athletes are expected to bring appropriate drinks and snacks to competitions that will sustain and renew their energy.

6. Goal Setting: You are asked to set realistic and attainable training and tournament goals for yourself for USFA rating improvement and National Points List standings. You are required to compete in the North Texas Division Qualifiers for Junior Olympics and Summer National Championships.

7. Rules of Fencing: You are expected to learn the rules of fencing and how to referee (direct) bouts in the weapon you fence. Older, more experienced students are expected to learn the rules unique to each of the three weapons.

8. Esprit de Corps: You are expected to share with younger, less experienced fencers the skills and knowledge you possess. You are expected to fence every person attending that practice session, no matter what their skill level. You are expected to provide strip coaching to teammates and support during their bouts. You are expected to provide and maintain a positive environment for your teammates.

9. Attendance: You are expected to attend the requisite number of practices and tournaments.

10. Semester Final: Each semester requires fulfillment of the final examination criteria which is 25% of the total grade. The semester final requirement is due at least one week prior to the end of the grading period.

Students must complete one of the following:

      • Increase their USFA rating or referee (director) rating by at least one level (or renew a top level);

      • Finish in the top 64 at a National tournament; or

      • Finish in the top 16 in a Regional tournament open event; or

      • Submit a typewritten 2-3 page term paper, double-spaced, on a subject dealing with one of the above criteria. Term papers should be submitted to the office; your name should be at the top of each page and the paper stapled together or bound. Term papers are required to be supported with research and this research properly documented. Students are encouraged to use the FIT Library and include charts, graphs, photos, and drawings in their papers; however, these will not be counted for the overall length requirement of 2-3 pages. Students should be prepared to answer questions from a FIT panel of educators concerning their term paper subject. Term papers become the property of Fencing Institute of Texas and may be edited and reprinted in the FIT Newsletter.


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